Lazeez Kitchen

Lazeez Kitchen is very excited to offer traditional Indian cuisine with a touch of intuitive modernisms and full of flavours in the heart of Rouse hill. The aroma of our fabulous food is sure to tantalise your taste buds. Indulge yourself in our pleasantly relaxing ambience with a drink or two. We assure you our best in turning your visit into a memorable experience. Lazeez Kitchen is a restaurant that takes pride in serving delicious food to patrons. Our restaurant is well-liked by the residents of Rouse Hill as a result of our selection of delectable drinks, food, and high-quality service. We opened our restaurant in 2009. It hasn’t been easy for us, but we have succeeded in becoming the Best Indian restaurant in Rouse Hill  because of our hard work. We always want our clients to be completely satisfied, so Lazeez Kitchen always serves delicious Indian food of all varieties as well as high-quality beverages. There are many delectable vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes available at our restaurant, so whether you are a vegetarian or not, don’t worry about coming, because we always care about both types of people. Your favourite Lazeez Kitchen meals are also accessible online, so if you are hungry and want to experience some delectable Indian food, just pick up the phone and give us a call. You can also visit our page, add your favourite dishes, and place an order.

About Us

Surinder Singh and Saurabh Sandal’s journey started in 2009 when they started working in the hospitality industry in Australia.

Since then, they have worked with busy and popular Indian restaurants in Sydney.

In 2013, they opened their first venture in a small town in a regional area. In a very short time it got popular in that region. It became the best dine in restaurant in the town. It attracted lots of tourists around that area.

Their story was published in the travel magazine as well.

Main reason for the popularity was the taste and the quality of the food. They used local fresh produce to prepare the food with inhouse made species. Over the time they have built their own special recipe for the spices for each dish.


In 2016, they planned to move back to Sydney and they opened Lazeez Kitchen Indian restaurant to provide the same experience to this place. Lazeez Kitchen is located in Rouse hill surrounded by suburbs like Schofields,  The Ponds, Box Hill, Kellyville, Kellyville Ridge, Annangrove and Beaumont hills.

Ever since it opened its doors, Lazeez Kitchen has set the standard to deliver quality and delicious (Lazeez) food to its customers.

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